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Guangzhou Nuobeier Automation Equipment co ltd, is Founded in 2015 and located in Guangzhou.It is a professional enterprise integrating research, development, design, manufacturing and technical services.We are mainly engaged in outsourcing production of automatic equipment, products have papercard and plastic packaging system, automatic box packing system, shrink packaging system, carton opening packing system, and provide non-standard customization, committed to the automation equipment industry, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide automatic production solutions.
We have standardized workshops, office centers, research and development centers, entertainment venues and other supporting facilities.In the future will continue to deep roots product packaging automation equipment, keep improving,through manufacturing technology innovation, the introduction of high-quality equipment, core technology research and development, the management level, service details optimization, to global customers to provide more cost advantage, higher quality, more whole category of products packaging automation equipment, strive to become the preferred supplier, and socially responsible enterprise.



Contact: Anda Wong

Phone: 18925009866

Tel: 86-20-81199319

Email: sale01@nopeler.com


Add: Longxi industrial zone,Guangzhou, china

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