Work Flow Of Cartoning Machine

Automatic Horizontal cartoning machine

Automation cartoning packaging machine

Cartoning machine mainly uses a series of complex transmissions to simulate automated packaging processes for food, medicine, cosmetics and health products

The automatic packaging process includes: open box, filling, cover box, etc., first through the material cutting device to the conveyor belt, and then installed on the conveyor belt photoelectric switch, detect whether the product meets the requirements, in addition to the automatic packing machine also has for additional functions of heat shrinkable packaging and labeling.  Automatic packing machine can complete these complex processes, greatly improve work efficiency, save labor costs

Performance feature

1Packaged form: it adopts automatic feeding, box opening, box entry, batch number printing, box sealing, waste removal, etc., with compact and reasonable structure.

2Easy to operate: servo/stepper motor, touch screen, PLC programmable control system, human-machine interface display operation more clear and simple, high degree of automation, more humanized;

3Wear protection: The machine frame and the machine board have sufficient strength and stiffness, the frame is equipped with the main drive motor and the clutch brake of the machine, the machine board is equipped with various transmission systems, torque overload protector can realize the main drive motor and the transmission parts in the case of overload, to protect the machine parts from damage.

4Easy to exchange the production for different products: no need to change the mold , only by adjusting the specifications

5Automatic photoelectric detection and tracking system is adopted to save the packing material , the Box would not be dropped by Empty material

6Vacuum suction cup used by this machine is ZL112 vacuum generator (SMC), automatic vacuum taking box, wide Angle to open the box, to ensure the opening accuracy of the box

7It can be linked with the production with aluminum-plastic packaging machine, pillow packaging machine,3D packaging machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, code spraying machine, online weighing machine, other production lines and other equipment

8Basis on the customers demand, the design of automatic feeder and box entry system.

9Basis on the customers demand,it can select the hot met glue machine to seal the box, such as the hot melt glue sprayer, or mechanical brush coating.

10High safety: no products -- box wont be dropped, the machine will automatically stop and sound alarm.

Products - no box/ box UN-forming , the machine will automatically stop and sound alarm.



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