Automatic blister packaging machine

  • Mentholatum lip balm automatic orientating automatic visual feeding blister packaging solution
Mentholatum lip balm automatic orientating automatic visual feeding blister packaging solution

In the lip balm lipstick automatic paper and blister packaging section, they chose our NBR-350 automatic rotary blister packaging machine.

Guangzhou times and automation equipment co., LTD., as a paper-plastic packaging expert, more for mentholatum customized Automatic blister packaging machine and automatic feeding in blister packaging machine, has high efficiency and stable running for a third year, in addition to the required performance is stable, clean sanitation, mentholatum project manager Andy said ", for competitors,It has top-notch craftsmanship and, most importantly, a culture of partnerships.

They have other requirements for blister equipment:

1. It should provide excellent flexibility to adapt to future production of other products and models of blisters;

2, it should be automatic material handling, automatic classification and arrangement, greatly reduce the human output;

3, it should be positioning the trademark, so that the trademark on the lip balm products towards the uniform, generous and beautiful;

4, It should be the ability to connect other parts of the production line into the whole line.

For this, above all, our company designed for mentholatum lipstick, automatic trademark positioning automatic robot visual material feeding blister packaging solution _ all equipment requirement automatically unscramble thinking and trademark towards the same direction, and equipment can automatic blister molding, punching, automatic blister transition, the paper card, heat-sealing, finished product conveyor discharge function and so on.


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