Experienced team Available

We are a professional team. Our members have worked in the automation equipment so many years, and be as the main backbone of the industry.
We are a young team. Our average age is only 26, and we are full of vigor and innovation spirit.
We are a dedicated team. We firmly believe that only high-quality products can win the trust of customers. We only concentrate on each detail, and to meet the best quality standards quality.
We are a team with dreams. We come from different cities, and get together with a common dream that make innovation to change the industry, make quality achieve the future, provide the efficient, stable, durable and good products to our customers.


Contact: Anda Wong

Phone: 18925009866

Tel: 86-20-81199319

Email: sale01@nopeler.com


Add: Longxi industrial zone,Guangzhou, china

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